The Israeli Supply Chain Management Association ISCMA

The Israeli Supply Chain Management Association – ISCMA is the leading Supply Chain professional organization in Israel.  ISCMA includes more than 900 supply chain executives from hundreds of leading industry and service organizations in Israel.

The members are: CEO'S, VP'S and Managers of Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Planning, 3PL'S, 4PL'S Companies, Logistics Services companies, Top Consulting and Technology Firms.

ISCMA Vision:

ISCMA is helping to shape the future of operations and supply chain management by transforming how people, technology and processes integrate to achieve new levels of resilience in an era of constant change.

ISCMA is a professional business organization made up of subscribers/members whose goal is to design and promote the field of supply chain management by combining people, business processes and technology – and making it accessible to forum members and a community of users as wide as possible in the worlds of supply chain and operations in Israel.

The organization is committed to professionalism, developing interpersonal relationships and creating a development experience for all the functions that make up the supply chain and operations.

The mission definition of the Israeli Association for Supply Chain Management – ISCMA:

Promote the supply chain profession by connecting, sharing, learning and developing professionals working in supply chain management.

Development of human capital in the industry by-

  • Sharing local and international knowledge by exposing best practices
  • Information sharing between organizations to create dialogue, learning and development of the professionals
  • Examining performance indicators in the various functions throughout the supply chain
  • Holding professional events – starting with focused content areas and ending with a professional and leading annual conference
  • Having a close relationship with the Academy for research, development and training
  • Having an active dialogue with the authorities in professional fields that help design the supply chain
  • Development of a social network and connections between members of the organization
  • Serves as a platform for all those involved in supply chain management for personal and organizational exposure
  • Meeting with similar international organizations
  • Sharing on the knowledge site:
  • Professional newsletter: "Supply Chain Management Online" distributed to over 14000 managers in the entire supply chain arena
  • Placement of senior professional personnel and intermediate management level in the areas of: supply chain management, operations, procurement, logistics, planning and more.
  • The members of the union are ready to invest their time, experience and professional ability and commit to promote the ISCMA goals.

The Team

שלמה ארליך

Shlomo Ehrlich

Chairman of the Israeli Association for Supply Chain Management ISCMA, expert and senior consultant for the operation and management of supply chains for companies owned by the Fortissimo Group, lecturer at the Academy

נאוית אדר

Navit Adar

Founder and CEO of the Israeli Supply Chain Management Association ISCMA

Procurement Forum at ISCMA

רחל אורן

Rachel Oren

Chairman of the Digital Supply Chain Forum in the Israeli Association at ISCMA, EMEA Supply Chain E-commerce leader, Kimberley Clark EMEA

יעל נאמן

Yael Neeman

Chairman of the Logistics Forum at ISCMA, Head of the Global Supply Chain Division, Industrial Print, HP

שי גרבר

Shai Garber

Chairman of the Planning Forum at ISCMA, Director of Global Planning, Elbit