The Israeli Association for Supply Chain Management – ISCMA

The leading quality forum in Israel, has been operating for 20 years – from 2000, with hundreds of senior executives (over 900) and senior management, from more than 500 organizations from all industries, to improve and advance the supply chain management field in Israel.

ISCMA emphasizes:

  • Promotion of the field – professional, organizational, personal and public: Professional improvement of those involved in the field
  • Promoting the professional status in the organization and in general, as long as to be a quality force and influence in public.
  • Meetings for knowledge exchange, professional learning from the experience of leading organizations in the economy, Israeli organizations, global organizations, world-wide, learning, sharing, experience, strategies and technologies.
  • Globalization Approach – Meeting complex global supply chains.
  • Meeting with senior executives in the field, decision makers in supply chain management from various industries.
  • Initiating, developing professional programs, developing skills, knowledge and execution accordingly.
  • To serve as a platform for all those involved in supply chain management for personal and organizational exposure.
  • Meeting with similar international organizations.
  • Sharing ISCMA Knowledge Site:
  • Professional Newsletter: "Supply Chain Management Online" distributed to over 14000 readers throughout the supply chain arena.
  • Senior Human Resources placing in the areas of supply chain management, operations, procurement, logistics, planning and more.
  • ISCMA members are willing to invest their time, experience and professional ability and commit to advancing ISCMA goals.

Organizations recognize that their supply chains are critical to growth, profitability and business efficiency.

The supply chain manager and his / her personal strength, is more than ever, affecting the quality of the management, the quality of the organization's supply chain and ultimately – the "bottom line" of the organization.

  • Chairman of the Israeli Supply Chain Management Association – Mr. Shlomo Ehrlich, COO of Cardo Systems, Senior Lecturer at the Academy.
  • Managing Director of the Israeli Supply Chain Management Association – Navit Adar, ISCMA Founder and CEO.

ISCMA:  Tel: + 9723-9702990       Fax: +9723-9702991

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Address: Yakinton 119 Rd, Beit Nehemiah, 7314000

Adar Yozmot, is the director and operator of the Israeli Supply Chain Management Association ISCMA

Adar Yozmot specializes in management of professional and business forums including conferences, exhibitions and various of professional events, a leading unique area in Israel – "Supply Chain Management" – its promotion and improvement:

Management and operation of the Israeli Supply Chain Management Association (ISCMA), which it's members from the leading, largest and medium-sized organizations in Israel, also all the leading service providers, tools and solutions companies.

In the framework of Adar's activities, the Center for Supply Chain Promotion in Israel is unique – of its kind, which will meet all the training gaps and promote human capital in the supply chain organizations.

Adar Yozmot / ISCMA – Established in 2000 by Navit Adar – that has over 30 years of experience in organizing conferences, exhibitions for many business and industrial sectors. Expert in initiating, organizing, producing and marketing conferences, professional events that serve as a platform for business and professional meetings for decision makers from various industries, each meeting provides the exact answer to the business strategy of the field / organization and the theme of the initiated event.

Adar Yozmot has awareness and understanding the needs, desires and requirements of large and medium-sized organizations in the Israeli economy, together with up-to-date knowledge of the methodologies, technologies and applications in Israel and form around the world. Adar Yozmot vast experience in initiating, organizing and producing on the one hand, and understanding of international needs, content and capabilities, on the other, creates quality content about management, strategy, supply chain, procurement, operations, And pave the way for leading deals, creating opportunities and increasing business development activities for companies that take part in every meeting and event.

Each event broadcasts professionalism, providing the audience with added value of learning, sharing and expanding horizons.

Adar Yozmot Advantage: Extensive relationships with companies from all industries, technology companies, consultancy and services from Israel and around the world, unique, high-quality databases, from a variety of management areas, at senior and intermediate levels in organizations, computerized and up-to-date. All of these enable us to create content, manage all logistics systems to sustain initiatives and content, from consulting to implementation, including contacting lecturers and experts from the best in the country and in the world, to organizing and producing multi-participant events.

*** In every event organized by Adar Yozmot, initiatives, quality and service speak for themselves!

ISCMA Leading Team
Israeli Supply Chain Management Associatio

ISCMA & The Executive Forum Chairman

Shlomo Ehrlich
COO, Cardo Systems and a senior lecturer
at the BA and MA at the Academy of Operations Management and
Supply Chain Management
Founder & CEO
נאוית אדר, מנכ"ל , ISCMA-Israeli Supply Chain Management Association

Navit Adar
Founder & CEO of the Israeli
Supply Chain Management Association
ISCMA Logistics Forum Chairman
Avi Eini
The Logistics Manager, Shufersal
ISCMA Planning Forum Chairman
Haim Shafir
The Planning & Import Manager , OSEM Group
ISCMA Strategic Procurement Forum Chairman
Arkadi Rosenberg
Expert in international procurement and logistics
ISCMA Digital Supply Chain Forum Chairman
Ilan Yuval
Entrepreneur and Expert in eCommerce